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About Anno 1404
Anno 1404 is the fourth part of the award-winning construction strategy series. Unlike the previous parts, players must build a settlement both in the Orient and in Europe.

In Anno 1404 you will get to know the unique culture of the Orient. In the fourth part of the popular construction strategy series, you need to build not only one, but two metropolises. Since the citizens of your European metropolis have special needs, you are on the way to the Orient. When you build a settlement there, you can source unique raw materials and technical achievements from the Orient and deliver them to your European metropolis. Combine the Western and Oriental culture and trade in goods that are only available in the Orient. Although the game does not have a multiplayer mode, it can be played against up to three computer-controlled players. Build up your settlements, trade with various cities and make sure that your initially small settlement becomes a mighty metropolis.

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Genres: Simulator, Strategy, Adventure, Real Time Strategy (RTS), Adventure, Real Time Strategy (RTS), Simulator, Strategy
Système: Nintendo DS, PC (Microsoft Windows), Wii
Développé par: Blue Byte Software, Related Designs
75 / 39

Anno 1404 - Features:

  • Explore the Orient: Unlike the first three parts of the popular construction strategy series, Anno 1404 is no longer limited to mainland Europe alone. To find new resources, you set out on a long journey with your ship. Your goal: explore new land and find new treasures. Soon you will discover the Orient, which, due to its extraordinary resources, goods and technical achievements, is just the right place to settle. For the first time in the history of the Anno games, you have to manage two settlements: Next to a western settlement you also build an oriental city. Create buildings, care for your citizens, and make sure there's always enough resources. Since you also have an Oriental settlement, you can easily deliver goods and resources from the Orient to Europe and use them either for the supply of your citizens or for trading with other settlements.
  • Fulfill the needs of your citizens: The citizens of your settlements have to be satisfied. While ordinary people from simple statuses, such as farmers, tend to have simple needs, upper-class citizens already have higher demands and needs.
  • Interact with other cities: Anno 1404 can not be played with your friends, but with up to three computer-controlled players. You decide if you want to build diplomatic relations or if you rather want to go to war.
  • Receive medals: If you achieve particularly good performances, for example by completing the campaign or reaching a certain population, you can earn medals or awards.

Conclusion: Anno 1404 extends the usual gameplay of the popular building strategy games with new features. For example, players need to manage both a European and an Oriental settlement, which adds even more difficulty to the game.

Évaluation: 75 sur 100 points possibles,
basé sur 39 User-Votes.

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Pegi 7
Développé par
  • Blue Byte Software
  • Related Designs
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  • Ubisoft Entertainment
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