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About Anno 1800
Anno 1800 is the seventh part of the award-winning strategy game series. This time, players must build their own empire in the industrial age.

Anno 1800 takes you into an exciting and fast-paced age of change: we are talking about the revolutionary 19th century, or more precisely the industrial age. As in previous games of the Anno series, you must also build an own empire in Anno 1800 and lead it through different ages. Of course, the era of industrialization is a time of change, which you have to consider in your urban planning and management. For example, your empire can always be equipped with technical innovations that make your production even more efficient. Explore new lands, expand your empire and become rich. Only in this way does your empire gain international importance. Anno 1800 can be played not only in the story-based campaign, but also in the popular multiplayer mode.

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Genres: Strategy
System: PC (Microsoft Windows)
Developed by: Blue Byte
89 / 32

Anno 1800 - Features:

  • Build a metropolis of Industrialization: This time, Anno 1800 plays during the Industrial Age. This rapid century is associated with numerous technological and political changes. That the century goes hand in hand with rapid changes and innovations, you also have to consider when planning your city. As in the earlier parts of the Anno series, you must build your own empire and lead it through different ages. Here you must master the challenges of each age. In the course of industrialization, for example, many new technical achievements came on the market that could enrich your empire. But political content also plays a role: how do you deal with the workers in your factory? Do you want to oppress your workers or do you stand up for fair working conditions?
  • Lead your empire to the top: Of course, your empire should gain international importance. Above all, trade is an important factor for the prosperity and reputation of your kingdom. Make logistical networks and travel to new countries. Maybe you even manage to expand your empire. To achieve this goal, you can use different means. You decide whether you want to act diplomatically or militarily against other countries.
  • Game modes: Anno 1800 can of course be played as usual in the story-based campaign. However, if you prefer to play the strategy classic with your friends or other players from around the world, the game also offers you a multiplayer mode. In addition, Anno 1800 also has a sandbox mode, in which you can play creatively.

Conclusion: Anno 1800 offers players the usual gameplay in a completely new and exciting environment. Mastering the rapid changes and innovations of industrialization can be very difficult and challenging in many places.

Scored 89 of 100 points based on 32 user-votes.
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Pegi 7
Developed by
  • Blue Byte
Published by
  • Ubisoft
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