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About Anno 2205
Anno 2205 is the sixth installment of the award-winning construction strategy game series ANNO. For the first time, players must build and manage not only colonies on Earth, but also on the Moon.

In Anno 2205, you and your colony are coming into space for the first time. After an all-changing discovery in the field of fusion energy, which aims to improve almost all areas of human life, the Moon becomes an important target, promising you not only resources, but also power and money. Only on the moon sufficient amounts of the required isotope helium-3 were found. In Anno 2205, your colonies are not restricted to planet Earth for the first time. To mine this precious resource and supply your colonies on Earth, you need to build a well-functioning settlement on the Moon. Build your colonies, construct numerous buildings and ensure a good supply of your citizens. Anno 2205 is the largest part of the series so far. The game has a huge map and even larger areas that can be colonized by you.

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Genres: Simulator, Strategy, Real Time Strategy (RTS), Real Time Strategy (RTS), Simulator, Strategy
Système: PC (Microsoft Windows)
Développé par: Ubisoft Blue Byte - duplicate
85 / 17

Anno 2205 - Features:

  • Journey to the Moon: Anno 2205 offers players an incredibly large game world that is not limited to Earth only. For the first time, you are not only colonizing areas on Earth, but also on the Moon. The reason is simple: Scientists have made a revolutionary discovery in the field of fusion energy. However, this requires rough amounts of the isotope helium-3. This isotope could only be found on the moon in sufficient quantity. As the isotope is supposed to revolutionize all areas of human life, you are heading to the moon to mine this precious material. If you can secure supremacy on the moon, mine enough helium-3, and transport it safely to Earth, you can expand your resources and your power. For the first time in the history of Anno games, players need to build and manage not only a colony on Earth, but also on the Moon.
  • Build mighty cities: As in the previous parts of the Anno series, you'll also have to build powerful metropolises in different locations in Anno 2205. Build numerous buildings, trade in goods, and make sure there is always enough resources. Providing your citizens should be your first goal.
  • Session Mode: The new "Session Mode" in Anno 2205 allows you to connect different regions from different islands.
  • Even bigger: Anno 2205 is the biggest part of the Anno series so far. You can expect even bigger maps and islands, which are up to five times bigger than in the previous games.

Conclusion: For the first time, Anno 2205 expands the game area on the universe, which ensures even greater and more varied gaming fun.

Évaluation: 85 sur 100 points possibles,
basé sur 17 User-Votes.

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  • Ubisoft Blue Byte - duplicate
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  • Ubisoft Entertainment
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