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About Battle Chasers: Nightwar
Battle Chasers: Nightwar is a popular JRPG style role-playing game that was inspired by 90s comics. Players must lead a hero troop through dungeons and defeat numerous enemies.

In Battle Chasers: Nightwar you experience a role-playing game that is reminiscent of the good old JRPG. The game is based on the comic series Battle Chasers, which celebrated success in the late 90s. You play the protagonist Gully, who wants to find her father together with some allies. After disappearing on a mission on the continent "The Gray Line", it's up to you to complete your father’s mission and find out more about your father's fate. As you travel across the country, you have to pass dangerous dungeons, with numerous enemies and traps waiting for you. You always fight with a group of three characters. Since each character has unique abilities, you must carefully weigh before each fight, which character is suitable for the fight. In addition, the characters can perform special attacks, for which they require the so-called mana.

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Battle Chasers: Nightwar - Features:

  • Find your father: In Battle Chasers: Nightwar, you play the intrepid heroine Gully, who wants to find her missing father. He went to the sinister continent "The Gray Line" a few years ago to fulfill a mission there. To find him, you travel to this continent with allies. You are determined to complete your father's mission and find your father.
  • Fight in dungeons: Most battles take place in dungeons that are subterranean. In these dungeons, numerous enemies and traps await you. Only by defeating all enemies can you find the precious treasures and ingredients that are in the dungeon.
  • Build your hero squad: Fights usually take place with a group of three characters. Before the fight you have to decide which of your characters should fight. Since each of your heroes has unique dungeon abilities, you should think twice about which character is best suited. For example, the rebel Monika can confuse enemies.
  • Use powerful special attacks: Each of your heroes has a special attack that inflicts extra damage on the enemy. However, these special attacks consume the so-called mana. If your mana inventory is used up, you can no longer perform the special attacks. For example, to renew your mana inventory, you must level up or drink potions. You also have the ability to win mana by standard attacks. If you attack an opponnt with a relatively weak attack, your hero saves power reserves. These will be automatically added to your mana pool.

Conclusion: Battle Chase: Nightwar is an absolute must for fans of JRPG. The game convinces with well thought out and exciting fights, which become more and more difficult as the game progresses.

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