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About Battlefield 1
Battlefield 1 is an ego shooter that plays during the First World War. Players experience action-packed battles against players from around the world at known theaters of war.

Battlefield 1 puts you in the role of a soldier fighting at the front line for his homeland. Numerous battles at known theaters of war await you like the Western Front, the Italian Alps or the Arabian Desert. You can play Battlefield 1 in either campaign mode or multiplayer mode. If you play in campaign mode, you will experience a series of thrilling war stories in which you meet different fictitious war heroes. In multiplayer mode, you'll be playing different maps against players from around the world. In each round, you can choose if you want to play as a storm trooper, paramedic, supply soldier or scout. If you play multiplayer games, you will also receive battle packs that contain rare weapon parts, weapon skins, or XP boost.

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Genres: Shooter, Shooter
System: PC (Microsoft Windows), PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Developed by: EA Digital Illusions CE
83 / 147

Battlefield 1 - Features:

  • Fight for your homeland: Battlefield 1 is set during the First World War. During the game you fight at known theaters of war: For example, the battles take place on the Western Front, in the Italian Alps or in the Arabian Desert. All weapons and vehicles of the game were also adapted to the time of the First World War. For example, vehicles such as the Mark V tank, contemporary aircrafts or weapons and rifles from the time are available.
  • Single player mode: The single player mode offers you several campaigns that you can play alone. In the campaigns you will experience war stories around various war heroes of the Entente.
  • Multiplayer mode: In the center of Battlefield games is always the multiplayer mode. Here you can compete against players from all over the world in exciting and fast-paced battles. The various maps of the multiplayer mode are designed for a maximum of 64 players - strategically wise action is therefore crucial to eliminate as many enemies as possible. Before each round, you can choose if you want to play as a storm trooper, paramedic, supply soldier, or scout. Each class has its own special tasks and abilities that it can use in combats.
  • Unlock battle packs: If you play multiplayer games, you will receive so-called battle packs. These include items such as weapon skins, XP boosters, or weapon parts that allow you to build unique melee weapons. Objects you do not need can be exchanged for scrap. Scrap is the currency of the game which can be used for the purchase of e.g. new battle packs.

Conclusion: In Battlefield 1, new battles and missions always await you. Since you can play numerous campaigns as well as multiplayer games and new maps, missions and battle packs are always available, the game offers a lot of variety and excitement. For all fans of multiplayer shooters, Battlefield 1 is an absolute must.

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Developed by
  • EA Digital Illusions CE
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  • Electronic Arts
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