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Biomutant is an action RPG in which players control a raccoon-like creature. The aim of the game is to save the tree of life that threatens to die as a result of a natural disaster.

In Biomutant, you experience a whole new world which is populated not by humans but by mutated animals. You play a raccoon-like creature whose look can be customized individually. The world in Biomutant is threatened by a natural disaster that attacks the roots of the tree of life. The tree of life is responsible for all life in the world. Your mission is to save the roots of the tree and avert a tragic fate that could destroy the entire world. As you travel through the vast, open world of the game, you will encounter numerous enemies that you have to fight with various weapons and combat techniques. A peculiarity in Biomutant is that all decisions that you make have a direct influence on the further gameplay and the storyline.

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Biomutant - Features:

  • Save the Tree of Life: Biomutant takes you into a whole new and unknown world populated by mutated animals. The whole world is kept alive by the tree of life. However, this vital tree is threatened by a natural disaster. The five roots of the tree are not only attacked by poisonous oil, but also by evil creatures. To save the tree of life and thus the entire world, you must go to the end of every root and eliminate the threat. On your mission, the six tribes of the country can also be of great help. Note, however, that not all tribes want to save the tree of life.
  • Create your creature: In Biomutant you control a creature that has many similarities with a raccoon. At the beginning of the game, you have the opportunity to individually select many of the characteristics of your hero. For example, you decide on the gender, size or fur length of your character. These decisions have a direct impact on your character's behavior during the game. Of course, heavy creatures are a lot slower than light creatures.
  • Fight numerous opponents: The game has a special Martial Arts combat system, which is characterized by a great freedom of movement during the fight. You can not only use melee techniques, but also powerful weapons.
  • Explore the large world: Biomutant has a large open game world that can be explored completely free. To explore the world you can use many different means of transportation such as hot air balloons, jet skis or 'Mechs. Explore the game world in your own way and experience a varied and exciting environment.

Conclusion: Biomutant convinces above all by an innovative martial arts combat system and a large and fascinating game world, which can be explored completely free.

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