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About BioShock Infinite
BioShock Infinite is an ego shooter that plays in the flying city of Columbia. Players control the former Pinkerton agent Booker DeWitt, who has to rescue the supernaturally gifted Elizabeth.

BioShock Infinite is the unofficially third part of the BioShock series. This time, however, the first person shooter does not play in the underwater world of Rapture, but in the floating city of Columbia. You play former Pinkerton agent Booker DeWitt, who has to fulfill a mission to pay his debts. He has to rescue the young and supernatural Elizabeth from Columbia, who has been held there since childhood. On your mission, many opponents will try to stop you. Your toughest opponent is the bird-like robot Songbird, who has always been responsible for the protection of Elizabeth and pursues the two now. To eliminate your opponents, you have various firearms and special supernatural abilities available. In addition, you have the opportunity to open cracks in spacetime, which can give you a strategic advantage.

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Genres: Adventure, Shooter
System: Linux, Mac, PC (Microsoft Windows), PlayStation 3, PlayStation Network, Xbox 360, Xbox Live Arcade
Developed by: Irrational Games, Virtual Programming
89 / 654

BioShock Infinite - Features:

  • Rescue Elizabeth: BioShock Infinite is set in the floating city of Columbia, which has been deeply divided for many years. The "Founders" and the "Vox Populi" fight on the streets of Columbia for the control over the city. You play former Pinkerton employee Booker DeWitt, who has old debts to settle. Booker gets the chance to fulfill a mission with which he can pay off all of his debts. Booker embarks on a dangerous journey to Columbia, where he has to free the young Elizabeth, who has been held there since her childhood. Since the supernaturally gifted young woman plays a central role in the civil war, the liberation of Elizabeth becomes more difficult and dangerous than thought. Numerous enemies and the bird-like robot Songbird pursue the two.
  • Defend yourself: Numerous opponents want to thwart your plan. That's why you have to defend yourself. You can not only use firearms such as pistols or machine guns, but also supernatural powers. For example, you can attack your enemies with a horde of crows or use particularly powerful electric shocks.
  • Improve your weapons: Both your firearms and your powers can be improved as the game progresses. The upgrades for your weapons can be purchased at special vending machines. The money you need for the machines can either be found directly in the game world or you receive it after killing an opponent.
  • Change your environment: Elizabeth has particularly powerful supernatural abilities, for example, through which she can cause cracks in space-time. This ability can also be used by Booker. Change the battlefield and achieve a strategic advantage.

Conclusion: BioShock Infinite convinces above all by a gripping and complex story in which nothing is as it seems.

Scored 89 of 100 points based on 654 user-votes.
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Pegi 18
Developed by
  • Irrational Games
  • Virtual Programming
Published by
  • 2K Games
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