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About Dirt Rally
Dirt Rally is a rally game that is very popular around the world. Players have access to numerous rally routes that can be played in either single player or multiplayer races.

In Dirt Rally, you drive the most legendary rally vehicles on daredevil routes. Many routes are based on the most popular tracks of the World Rallycross. There are forty vehicles available, ranging from iconic classics to modern rally cars. In a total of six rallies you can prove your skills as a driver. The individual rallies, however, all have their own individual challenges. The routes in Wales, for example, are particularly muddy and the routes in Sweden particularly slick. In Dirt Rally you also have the opportunity to create your own races and tracks. All races can be done either alone or with several players. Race the most spectacular rallies in the world, tune your vehicle and build your own team. That's the only way you can make it to the top of the rally world.

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Dirt Rally - Features:

  • Drive spectacular races: There are a total of six different rallies and more than 70 rally tracks available in Dirt Rally. Of course, each rally has certain challenges and peculiarities that need to be considered during the race. Thus, routes in Greece are rather dusty, while rallies in Wales are particularly muddy. Many rallys are based on official tracks of the World Rallycross.
  • Wide range of vehicles: Dirt Rally offers a wide range of unique rally cars. In addition to modern rally cars, you'll also find iconic classics.
  • Create your own routes: Dirt Rally offers you the possibility to create your own routes and rallies. Make the rally of your dreams and invite friends to drive them.
  • Rise: If you participate in rally championships, you can earn cash. Of course, you start your career from the bottom. If you win some races, you will rise in rank. If you make it to the top of the rally championships, lucrative prizes and rewards await you.
  • Tune your vehicle: In Dirt Rally you not only have to race, but also take good care of your vehicle. Especially repairs are of great importance as your car could otherwise break during the next races. In addition, you need to upgrade and tune your vehicle regularly to improve the performance of your car.

Conclusion: Dirt Rally is a fast-paced rally game that gives you many hours of fun. The game requires not only good driver skills, but also good strategic thinking.

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Pegi 3
Developed by
  • Codemasters
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  • Feral Interactive
  • Codemasters
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