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About Divinity Original Sin
Divinity Original Sin is a turn-based RPG in which players play the role of two fearless heroes. Together with two other companions, they have to fight dangerous opponents and complete different missions.

In Divinity Original Sin you experience a unique story in which everything revolves around magic and the power of the elements. You accompany two heroes, a fighter and a hunter, on their mission to inspect the murder of a magician. When the two realize that the murder is just the beginning from something very dangerous, they embark on an exciting journey together with two companions. With your hero team you have to fight against mighty opponents. In the fights, you can use numerous weapons, but also different magic abilities. The two main characters are so-called “Source Hunters”, which means that they can control the elements. Fight fire with water, freeze lakes and shoot lightning at enemies in the water. Divinity Original Sin can be played in single player as well as in co-op mode.

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Divinity Original Sin - Features:

  • Join two heroes on their mission: Divinity Original Sin has two main characters - an intrepid fighter and a brave hunter. Both characters are so-called Source Hunters, which means they have the unique ability to control elements. As Source Hunters however, they also pursue the task of investigating the use of forbidden magic. For this reason, they are also sent to the coastal city of Cyseal, where they should inspect the murder of a magician. Soon the two realize that the murder is only the beginning of something that could turn the world into chaos.
  • Create Your Heroes: In Divinity Original Sin, you can freely choose what your hero should look like and what skills he should possess. Although pre-made templates are already available, your hero can be changed as desired. For example, you can remove skills, add new skills, or redistribute skill points as you like.
  • Fight with your hero group: In Divinity Original Sin not only your two heroes, but also up to two loyal companions are available. Your team consists of a maximum of four characters. Each character has different abilities and talents that can be used in combat. Your heroes cannot only use different weapons, but also mighty spells. Since your heroes can control the elements, you can use your environment to defeat your opponent. For example, you can explode oil barrels with a fire spell, or inflict more damage on enemies that are in the water by using lightning spells.

Conclusion: Divinity Original Sin convinces above all by an exciting, turn-based combat system, in which the interaction with the immediate environment of the characters is of great importance.

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