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About Dungeons 3
Dungeons 3 is a combination of dungeon simulation and real-time strategy game. Players must build their own dungeon and conquer the world with their army of evil creatures.

In Dungeons 3 you experience a dungeon adventure of a different kind. The game world is divided into the underworld and the so-called upper world. In the Underworld you have the opportunity to design your own dungeon according to your own ideas. There are numerous components available for this purpose. In the Overworld, you have only one goal: you want to conquer the world for the dungeon lord. To achieve this goal, you play the role of the fearless heroine Thalya, who commands an army of evil creatures from the underworld. Go to war against mankind and help evil to triumph. Dungeons 3 offers a single player campaign, a co-op mode and a tactical multiplayer mode.

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Genres: Simulator, Strategy, Adventure, Adventure, Simulator, Strategy
Système: Linux, Mac, PC (Microsoft Windows)
Développé par: Realmforge Studios
76 / 30

Dungeons 3 - Features:

  • Build your own dungeon: Dungeon 3 is a dungeon simulation. This means that you have to build and manage your own dungeon. For the design of your dungeon you have numerous components available, which can be combined in any manner with each other. Build the dungeon of your dreams and make sure everything runs smoothly.
  • Command the army of evil: Dungeons 3 is not only a dungeon simulation, but also a real-time strategy game. You take on the role of the fearless heroine Thalya, who has received a very special mission from the mighty Dungeon Lord. She should lead an army of evil to conquer the so-called upper world. Your army consists of evil creatures of the underworld, such as orcs, sukkubi, and zombies. Travel from the lower world to the upper world, go to war against mankind and conquer the world for your Master.
  • Game modes: Dungeons 3 offers you an exciting campaign consisting of 20 missions. If you do not want to play alone but with other players, the game also has two multiplayer modes. In Coop mode, you can fight together with another player. The Skirmish and Multiplayer mode provides you with many exciting and randomly generated maps that are suitable for up to 4 players.
  • Enjoy the Dungeon Narrator: Dungeons 3 features a witty dungeon narrator that comments the gameplay in a fun way.

Conclusion: Dungeons 3 is an exciting and entertaining real-time strategy game, which convinces above all by its varied gameplay. Since you not only have to build your own dungeon, but also fight mankind, there are always new challenges waiting for you.

Évaluation: 76 sur 100 points possibles,
basé sur 30 User-Votes.

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  • Realmforge Studios
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  • Kalypso Media Digital
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