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About Dynasty Warriors 9
Dynasty Warriors 9 is an action game that takes place in feudal China. On your journey through ancient China, you must explore your surroundings, fight against numerous enemies and collect important resources.

In Dynasty Warriors 9, you will experience the history of feudal China from a whole new perspective. You play an intrepid hero who sets out on a journey across the vast land. On the big map you can move freely: A certain route is not given. You explore the country on a horse. If you meet opponents, they have to be defeated, of course. For this you have numerous weapons available, which can be improved in the course of the game. An important part of the game is not only fighting, but also collecting resources and materials. If your hero does not have enough food in his inventory, he can not continue his journey. In addition, processed foods can bring valuable bonuses. It is also very important that you regularly receive scrolls that can be used to make new weapons.

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Dynasty Warriors 9 - Features:

  • Explore the big game world: Dynasty Warriors 9 provides you with a large, sprawling map of China that is completely free to explore. You explore the varied landscape on the back of a horse. Discover different landscapes, travel through desert and snow sections and adjust to the weather and the time of day.
  • Fight against enemies: On your journey, you will encounter enemies which you have to fight. For this you have many different weapons available. Every fight is important for your survival: If you win a fight, you usually get food that you can use in teahouses. By processing the foods, your hero can receive various rewards. For example, using the right foods can improve your hero's strength, defense, or speed.
  • Collect scrolls: Scrolls are very important in Dynasty Warriors 9. You can use them to make new weapons. You get scrolls, for example, for successfully completing a mission or fighting a particularly strong enemy. On each scroll, you can see what materials you need to craft the new weapon. If you own the scroll and the raw materials listed on it, you can go to a blacksmith who makes the weapon for you. The weapon can be improved in the further course of the game by, for example, gems.

Conclusion: Dynasty Warriors 9 takes you into the exciting world of feudal China. Since not only fighting but also survival skills are required, the game remains challenging after a few hours of play. There is always new content to discover here.

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Pegi 16
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  • Omega Force
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