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About F1 2017
F1 2017 is the official game of the FIA Formula 1 World Championship. Players get an insight into the exciting world of Formula 1 and can write racing history as a racing driver.

With the racing game F1 2017 you will become a Formula 1 professional. The game offers you official content from the FIA Formula 1 World Championship, such as seasonal vehicles or world-famous tracks. If you want to write racing history and get into the role of a racing driver, the new advanced career mode offers you even more options. For example, you can actively participate in the further development of your car or compete as a female driver. Another novelty of the game is that you can access both current season vehicles and legendary historical models. For example, you can also play the multiplayer mode with these legendary vehicles. In addition, the game offers you for the first time alternative route variants to world-famous routes.

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Genres: Racing, Simulator, Sport
System: Mac, PC (Microsoft Windows), PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Developed by: Codemasters
85 / 19

F1 2017 - Features:

  • Write racing history: Career mode is undoubtedly one of the most popular game modes of F1 games. In this game mode, you have the opportunity to write racing history as a racing driver. For this you have to drive several seasons and develop your vehicle steadily. For the first time you have the opportunity to actively participate in the further development of your vehicle. In addition, the game has new training programs that can improve your driving skills even more effectively. For the first time in F1 history, you can also compete as a female driver. Show that also women have what it takes to become a Formula 1 champion.
  • Legendary vehicles: The game not only offers you vehicles from the current Formula 1 season 2017, but also legendary vehicles that wrote Formula 1 history. So far, you can access legendary vehicles from five teams. In addition to Ferrari and McLaren also historic vehicles from Red Bull Racing, Renault and Williams are available. The legendary cars can be driven in different game modes.
  • Multiplayer mode: In multiplayer mode you have the opportunity to participate in online races with up to 20 players. You decide whether the races should be private or public.
  • New championship mode: F1 2017 has a new championship mode. In this new mode, you participate in races that differ in some rules and procedures from the official championship of the game.
  • Alternative routes: In addition to the 20 routes F1 2017 offers you, the game now also has alternative route options. For example, you can access the short variants of the racetracks in UK, Japan, USA and Bahrain. In addition, you have the opportunity to drive the circuit in Monaco at night.

Conclusion: F1 2017 offers not only impassioned Formula 1 fans racing action at the highest level.

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