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Far Cry 5 takes you to tranquil and idyllic Hope County in Montana, USA. However, the idyll is disturbed by the fanatical sect leader Joseph Seed and his sect "The Project at Eden's Gate". Your job is to stop the brutal missionary work of the sect, free the city, and hunt down Joseph Seed.

In Far Cry 5, you're dealing with a fanatical and sometimes crazy sect leader named Joseph Seed. He governs the idyllic region Hope County with his sect "The Project at Eden's Gate" and wants to expand the dominion of his sect steadily. You play either a male or a female sheriff whose job it is to hunt down Joseph Seed and stop the goings-on of the dangerous sect. To do this, you'll need to gather other resistance fighters around you, equip you with powerful weapons and vehicles, and explore the vast, open world of the game. But watch out: The AI automatically adjusts the difficulty of the game and the resistance of your enemies to your achievements. You can play the campaign mode of Far Cry 5 either alone or in pairs in co-op mode.

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Genres: Adventure, Shooter
System: PC (Microsoft Windows), PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Developed by: Ubisoft Montreal
89 / 200

Far Cry 5 - Features:

  • Stop the fanatical cult leader: Far Cry 5 plays in the tranquil countryside Hope County, Montana. However, the idyll of this region is disturbed by the fanatical cult leader Joseph Reed and his sect "The Project at Eden's Gate". The cult leader, who calls himself a "father," preaches that the Day of Judgment is imminent, and therefore all unbelievers must be converted to "right" faith, if necessary also by force. You can choose to play a male or a female sheriff whose job it is to stop the brutal rule of the cult leader and free the community.
  • Alone or in pairs: The campaign mode of Far Cry 5 can be played either alone or in pairs in co-op mode.
  • Equip yourself: To effectively attack the cult supporters, you must be well equipped. You have many different weapons and vehicles at hand that can assist you in combat. But you can not only rely on weapons such as rifles, pistols or grenades, but also on the help of humans or animals.
  • Explore the big gaming world: Far Cry 5 is an open-world shooter which means that exploration is one of your main tasks. On these tours you can, for example, collect objects or explore enemy camps. In each area of Hope County, a strong territorial ruler awaits you who has to be defeated. If you have defeated all rulers of the territories, you will meet the strongest opponent in the whole game: Joseph Seed.

Conclusion: Like the original games, Far Cry 5 convinces by a large, open game world, in which you can discover a lot. The game not only convinces by an exciting story about the sect leader Joseph Seed, but also by action-packed fights and missions.

Scored 89 of 100 points based on 200 user-votes.
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Developed by
  • Ubisoft Montreal
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  • Ubisoft Entertainment
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