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About FIFA 18
In FIFA 18 players can control the best footballers in the world and play exciting football matches with them. Players have access to numerous players, clubs and tournaments from around the world.

FIFA 18 makes you the next professional footballer. You control legendary football players on the most famous turfs in the world. Hundreds of players from numerous clubs are available to you. Choose your team, prove a good tactic and defeat the opposing team. Above all, FIFA 18 impresses with a realistic and authentic gaming experience. All dribbling, passes and flanks of your players are displayed in high-resolution and fluid. Your football match will be accompanied by authentic audience reactions and fan chants. The new campaign mode "The Journey: Hunter Returns" takes you on an exciting journey around the globe, where you'll meet the world's most legendary footballers and clubs.

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Genres: Sport, Sport
System: Nintendo Switch, PC (Microsoft Windows), PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One
Developed by: EA Canada, EA Romania
79 / 57

FIFA 18 - Features:

  • Play with the most famous footballers in the world: In FIFA 18 you control your favorite players across the pitch. No matter if you want to play Christiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi or Mario Götze: In FIFA 18 all known footballers are available. The game includes players from hundreds of clubs from all over the world. This allows you to play with your favorites, even if your favorite club is not one of the best known in the world. Choose your favorite team, play legendary games and prove your skills.
  • Experience the game up close: FIFA 18 impresses with an authentic and above all very realistic gaming experience. Thanks to a new game engine and new game mechanics, interactions such as passes, dribbling or flanks are played back even smoother. In addition, FIFA 18 gives you even more opportunities to interact with your teammates.
  • Realistic environment: Of course not only football players, but also fans belong to a football game. These will cheer your team during the game. Experience authentic audience response adapted to your playing style and the world's most famous fan chants. Because of this, the stadium feeling is optimally transported.
  • Campaign mode: The Journey: Hunter Returns is the campaign mode of FIFA 18. Here you accompany the rising football professional Hunter, who received after a successful first season in the Premier League, numerous offers from the most prestigious clubs in the world. Travel with him around the globe, meet the world's most famous football players and decide how to continue your footballing career.

Conclusion: FIFA 18 is an entertaining football game that is especially fun for several players. Thus, the game is not only suitable for football fans.

Scored 79 of 100 points based on 57 user-votes.
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  • EA Canada
  • EA Romania
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