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Fortnite is a co-op survival game in which players have to defend themselves against a horde of monsters and protect their own base.

In Fortnite, a troop of heroes awaits you that put your help to good use. After an unexpected storm wiped out 98% of the world's population, monsters threaten the lives of the remaining survivors. Together with your team, you can now fight these monsters. To defend yourself from the monsters, you have many different weapons at hand. You also have the possibility to build your own fortresses and equip them with snipers, traps and other defenses. To expand your weapon collection, you can also use your own resources to create your own weapons and gadgets. In addition to the cooperative multiplayer you also have the popular cooperative multiplayer mode "Battle Royale" available. Fortnite combines the action-packed survival game skillfully with elements of a tactical construction game.

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Genres: Sport, Shooter, Shooter, Sport
System: Mac, PC (Microsoft Windows), PlayStation 4, PlayStation Network, Xbox One
Developed by: Epic Games, Inc.
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Fortnite – Features:

  • Fight Monsters: An unexpected, mysterious storm has wiped out 98% of the world's population in one fell swoop. All that remained was a troop of heroes who now have to contend with numerous monsters that appeared at the same time as the storm. Go into battle, fight the monsters, and stop the storm.
  • Create a team: At the beginning of each game round you have to put together a team. Your team should consist of four different character classes. Since each character class has different abilities, they can be optimally combined in combat. This will destroy the monsters even more effectively.
  • Build your fortress: A special feature of Fortnite is that it is not a pure shooter game, but also includes elements of construction games. Thus, the construction of a fortress is an important part of the game. This fortress ensures that you can defend yourself even better. Snipers can be placed on the fortress, for example, to shoot the monsters from far away.
  • Build weapons: You can gather resources as the game progresses. These resources can be used to create new weapons or gadgets.
  • Experience two game modes: Fortnite has two different game modes. In the cooperative multiplayer you need to team up with your friends and fight monster and protect your fortress together. In the competitive multiplayer "Battle Royale" you will experience thrilling 100-player battles in which your only goal is to be the last survivor on the battlefield.

Conclusion: Fortnite offers players a lot of action and variety. Especially the gigantic Battle Royale battles ensure adrenalin and thrill.

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