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About Half-Life 2
Half-Life 2 is the sequel to the popular and award-winning first-person shooter "Half Life". Players once again take on the role of research scientist Gordon Freeman, who must save the world from the threat that was once released in Black Mesa.

In Half-Life 2 you will experience an exciting post-apocalyptic adventure in a world ruled and exploited by the alien race "Combine". You play the research scientist Gordon Freeman, who is awakened from a kind of comatose state to fulfill a special mission. Gordon should free the world from the evil alien race and restore the old order. As you travel through the large game world, you will discover a variety of landscapes and battlefields, where not only enemy aliens, but also other evil creatures are waiting for you. To defeat your opponents, you have numerous weapons in your inventory. Travel through the devastated land, fight the threat, and experience an exciting story on a planet that has little to do with our home planet.

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Genres: Shooter, Shooter
Système: Linux, Mac, PC (Microsoft Windows), PlayStation 3, Xbox, Xbox 360
Développé par: Valve Corporation
91 / 848

Half-Life 2 - Features:

  • Save the Earth: Half-Life 2 plays in a post-apocalyptic world in which the alien race "Combine" has taken over the earth. As in the first part of the Half-Life series, you take on the role of research scientist Gordon Freeman. He was put into a comatose state after the events of the first part. At the beginning of the second part you will be awakened from the so-called Stasis. You have to fulfill a mission that has top priority. Since the Combine controll the entire earth and make survival more and more difficult for the Earth's population, you must free the world from the evil alien race.
  • Explore the post-apocalyptic world: Half-Life 2 offers you a vast and varied landscape. You travel as Gordon Freeman not only through futuristic cities or industrial areas, but also through sunny landscapes or sinister ghost towns where zombie creatures are waiting for you. But no matter where you are, strong opponents that want to thwart your plan are everywhere.
  • Solve puzzles: In the course of the game, you have to solve small physical puzzles to progress in the game. For example, you need to stack blocks to reach a higher target or turn a seesaw into a ramp.
  • Use your strongest weapon: Gordon Freeman has many weapons. His most famous weapon, of course, is the crowbar. In addition, you now have a special weapon called Gravitron available that can, for example, lift objects, be used as a shield or pick up medicine and ammunition.

Conclusion: Half-Life 2 skillfully combines action-packed game elements with an exciting and intoxicating story.

Évaluation: 91 sur 100 points possibles,
basé sur 848 User-Votes.

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Pegi 16
Développé par
  • Valve Corporation
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  • Sierra Entertainment
  • Valve Corporation
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