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About Human: Fall Flat
Human: Fall Flat is an open-end game in which players need to help a small character named Bob to escape from different dream worlds. In order that the escape succeeds, the player must solve numerous physics-based puzzles.

In Human: Fall Flat, you control a little white character named Bob. This is trapped in different dream worlds. Your job is to help Bob to escape from these worlds. To move around the world, you have to use different tools or solve physics-based puzzles. However, there are no limits in these dream worlds. You can decide freely what you want to explore, which walls you want to climb, or which objects you want to pick up. Human: Fall Flat can also be played as a pair in local co-op multiplayer mode. Most recently, the game also features an online multiplayer mode in which you and your friends can create a shared lobby for Bob.

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Human: Fall Flat - Features:

  • Explore large dream worlds: Human: Fall Flat consists of eight different dream worlds. You control a little white figure called Bob, who wants to escape from these dream worlds. In order that the escape succeeds, you need to explore your environment and solve many physics-based puzzles. For example, you have to operate hidden switches, cross a lake by boat or lift a rock onto a catapult. Solving these puzzles, however, sounds easier than it really is. The control of Bob is often very cumbersome. Jumping over abysses or targeting objects can be a real challenge.
  • Everything is possible: In Human: Fall Flat you have no limits. You can decide freely which way you want to go and which objects you want to explore. You want to climb a steep cliff? Do it. Everything is possible in the dream worlds. Your options are limited only by the laws of physics. If you can not hold on to the rock face, you will fall.
  • Multiplayer mode: Human: Fall Flat can be played not only in single player, but also in multiplayer mode. For example, the game has a local co-op mode, which allows you to solve puzzles together with your friends. Most recently, the game is also equipped with an online multiplayer mode. In this mode, you can create lobbies with your friends. In these lobbies, you can help each other and see what Bob does.

Conclusion: Human: Fall Flat is a puzzle adventure of a different kind. Many players will need some practice in the beginning to guide Bob through the great dreamscapes. Once you have understood the controls, however, the game offers great entertainment for young and old.

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Pegi 3
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  • No Brakes Games
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  • Curve Digital
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