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About Into the Breach
Into the Breach is a turn-based strategy game in which players must control so-called Mechs to stop a swarm of insect monsters.

In Into the Breach, you control three so-called Mechs, which are some kind of giant combat robots. Your task is to fend off the opposing insect monsters waiting for you in the eight-by-eight large field. The playing field of Into the Breach is reminiscent of a chess field at first sight, but the fields are divided into different terrains. In addition to mountains and desert sections, there are also some objects on the map that you must definitely protect from enemy invasions. Once a large part of your buildings has been taken, the game round is over. In order to avert an enemy invasion, you can not only actively attack the enemy, but also move the squares of the field and thus avert the damage, at least for one round.

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Into the Breach - Features:

  • Fight Insect Monsters: In Into the Breach, you control three so-called Mechs, which are a kind of combat robot. The playing field, which is divided in eight-by-eight playing fields and is reminiscent of the structure of a chess board, consists of different terrains. For example, there are mountains, deserts, canyons or even green spaces on the field. In addition to these sections, however, there are also buildings on the field that you must protect at all costs from an enemy invasion. If the insect monsters manage to capture your buildings, the game round is over. However, if you manage to survive the fight, which often lasts only three or four rounds, you have won the round and the insect monsters move back.
  • Turn based strategy game: In Into the Breach the fights are turn based. This means that you only have one turn at a time to avert the enemy attacks. Once you complete a turn, the insect monsters move on the field.
  • Attacking and Moving: You can not only actively attack your opponents, you can also move fields to defeat your enemies' attacks. Since you can see which attacks the AI opponents are planning, you can thus redirect the attack into the void. Maybe the redirected attack will even kill an enemy monster.
  • Mech Teams: Each team consists of three Mechs, each with different abilities. For example, a team consists of a laser mech, which is equipped with particularly powerful energy weapons, a charge mech that rams and moves opponents to the next field, and a defense mech that can draw opponents a field in his direction.

Conclusion: Into the Breach is quite a challenging strategy game, which requires a little practice right at the beginning. Above all, tactical skills and well thought-out moves are of the utmost importance in this game.

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