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About Mass Effect: Andromeda
Mass Effect: Andromeda is an action RPG in which players play the brave Pathfinders Sara and Scott Ryder. In the course of the game, many planets in the Andromeda Galaxy must be explored to find a new home for mankind.

In Mass Effect: Andromeda, you'll experience a thrilling adventure in the Andromeda galaxy. You accompany the twins Scott and Sara Ryder, who have been tasked with finding a new home for mankind. For this reason, they were sent to Andromeda some time ago. Your job is to explore different planets with your team. On your exploration tours you will encounter evil enemies and creatures, which you have to combat. For this you have numerous weapons and biotic skills available. You can move completely free on each planet. To move even faster, you can also drive a special vehicle called Nomad. Mass Effect: Andromeda can be played in single player as well as in co-op multiplayer mode.

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Mass Effect: Andromeda - Features:

  • Become a Pathfinder: Mass Effect: Andromeda tells the story of the Andromeda Initiative, which was launched in 2185. The aim of this initiative is to find a new home for mankind. For this reason, they sent four arks towards Andromeda. Each ark has about 20,000 men as well as a Pathfinder and an Artificial Intelligence called SAM on board. The Pathfinder is the captain of the ark, who dictates which planets should be explored. In Mass Effect: Andromeda, you accompany the twins Scott and Sara Ryder, the children of Alec Ryder, who is the Pathfinder of the Hyperion Ark. However, he dies at the beginning of the game on an exploration tour whereupon one of his children takes the position. Decide if you want to play with Scott or Sara and embark on an exciting journey.
  • Discover the open game world: Mass Effect: Andromeda has a large, open game world that can be explored either on foot, with a special vehicle or with the spaceship.
  • Fights against aliens and monsters: On your exploration tours, you will encounter evil monsters and opponents, which you must defeat with the help of weapons and different biotic skills. When you fight against strong opponens, of course, your team is also at your side.
  • Multiplayer: Mass Effect: Andromeda can be played in single player and in multiplayer mode. In co-op multiplayer you fight with three of your friends against opponents who can not be fought by the Pathfinder at the moment.
  • You have the choice: There are no fixed character classes in the game. You can always change your character's abilities and redistribute the skill points.

Conclusion: Mass Effect: Andromeda offers players first-class space action and a completely free gaming experience on graphically impressive planets.

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