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About Metro: Exodus
Metro: Exodus is a first-person shooter playing in the post-apocalyptic world of Russia. You play the survivor Artjom, who starts a thrilling and dangerous journey across Russia.

In the latest part of the Metro series, you once again play the war survivor Artjom. After living in the tunnels of the Moscow Subways for many years, you now want to go with a small group of survivors and explore the expanses of Russia. For your journey, the functional steam locomotive Aurora is at your disposal. On your one-year journey, you will not only be confronted with the challenges of the different seasons, but also with dangerous mutants and other hostile groups. Equip yourself, fight against enemies and mutants and ensure the survival of your group. A special feature of Metro: Exodus is that each of your decisions and your achievements within the game, have an impact on the survival of your group. Explore the great post-apocalyptic world and find out if there is a world beyond the subway tunnel.

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Genres: Adventure, Shooter, Adventure, Shooter
System: PC (Microsoft Windows), PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Developed by: 4A Games
55 / 321

Metro: Exodus - Features:

  • Discover a new world: Metro: Exodus plays in a post-apocalyptic world. You play Artjom, a survivor of the Third World War, who has been living with other survivors in the tunnels of the Moscow subway for several years. In the year 2036, Artjom decides to leave the subway tunnels to explore the vastness of Russia. He gathers a group of survivors, the Spartan Ranger, and leads them out of the tunnels. For your journey, the steam locomotive Aurora is available with which you can get to your destination faster. Explore the varied landscape of Russia and be vigilant: the landscape can not only be beautiful but also dangerous.
  • Travel through the seasons: Your journey lasts a whole year. Logically, you also experience four seasons during your journey. But watch out: Each season brings its own problems and challenges.
  • Make decisions: The gameplay of Metro: Exodus is characterized by the fact that the levels are not linear. This means that all your decisions and achievements within the game will affect the survival of your fellow travelers.
  • Fight enemies: Since Metro: Exodus is a first-person shooter, fights play an important role. On your journey through Russia, you'll always encounter dangerous mutants and other enemies which have to be defeated. By plundering loot or collecting items, you can steadily improve and expand your arsenal of handcrafted weapons.

Conclusion: Metro: Exodus is a thrilling and bleak first-person shooter that convinces by its atmospheric sound and a realistic and breathtaking post-apocalyptic world.

Scored 55 of 100 points based on 321 user-votes.
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Developed by
  • 4A Games
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  • Deep Silver
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