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Monster Hunter: World is the latest part of the popular action RPG series. Players play a fearless hunter who explores a mysterious continent where he has to chase and kill monsters.

In Monster Hunter: World, you play a hunter who explores a mysterious continent that is only known as the New World. Not only diversified and beautiful landscapes, but also gruesome monsters await you on this continent. To hunt and defeat the monsters, you must equip yourself with strong weapons, armor and other tools. In the numerous quests of the game, you'll have to battle tough monsters, explore the landscape around you, and make new discoveries. Only then can you fulfill your mission and find the Dragon Elder Zorah Magdaros. Monster Hunter: World can be played not only in single player, but also in a cooperative multiplayer mode.

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Monster Hunter: World - Features:

  • Explore a new continent: You're part of a research commission tasked with finding the mysterious and powerful elder dragon Zorah Magdaros. You only know that every ten years there is a phenomenon called Elder Crossing. Then the elders move across the ocean towards an unexplored continent that you just call the "New World". The guild sends out research commissions that should explore the continent and understand the phenomenon of the mysterious Elder Crossing.
  • Discover the New World: The ecosystem of the New World is very diverse and versatile. You travel through different areas, each with different challenges and difficulties. Your journey will include the areas Ancient Forest, the Wildspire Waste, the Coral Highlands, the Rotten Vale and a previously unknown area.
  • Hunt monsters: On your journey, you must not only discover the peculiarities of the continent, but also hunt and kill monsters. For this you have different weapons available. If you catch or kill a monster, you will receive materials. For example, new weapons or armor can be made from these materials.
  • Drop-in multiplayer: Monster Hunter: World can be played not only in single player, but also in a cooperative multiplayer mode. A special feature of the multiplayer mode is that it is a so-called drop-it multiplayer. This allows players to connect across regional boundaries. This is the first time players from, for example, Japan and the West can play together.

Conclusion: Monster Hunter: World impresses with a large open game world, which can be explored completely free, and varied tactical battles against extraordinary monsters.

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