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About Need for Speed Rivals
Need for Speed Rivals is a racing game that thematises the rivalry between racers and cops. A special feature of the game is that the player can always switch between the two roles.

Need for Speed Rivals lets you play two roles. The game takes place in Redview County, a region which is marked by the constant rivalry between the racers and the cops. In Need for Speed Rivals you have the opportunity to experience the story from two sides. So you can not only take on the role of a speed-loving racer, but also the role of a just cop. You also have the option to switch between the two roles at any time. For your escape or pursuit rides you have numerous first-class vehicles available, which can be improved and individualized in the further course of the game. Need for Speed Rivals also features the new All Drive feature, which allows you to play in singleplayer mode against your friends or other players from around the world.

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Genres: Racing, Simulator
System: PC (Microsoft Windows), PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Network, Xbox 360, Xbox One
Developed by: Criterion Games, Ghost Games
85 / 71

Need for Speed Rivals - Features:

  • Play two roles: Need for Speed Rivals takes place in Redview County, a contemplative community, which is dominated by a constant rivalry between the speed-loving racers and the law-abiding cops. You can not only play the role of a racer, you can also play the role of a cop. Since you can switch between the roles, you have the free choice of which side to experience which adventure.
  • Expand your fleet: Since Need for Speed Rivals is a racing game in which everything revolves around chases and flight, choosing the right vehicle is crucial. You have many different vehicles from first-class manufacturers available. If you play in Racer mode, you always have to buy new vehicles with the ingame currency Speedpoints. However, if you choose Cop career mode, you will get the new vehicles for free. All vehicles in your fleet can also be upgraded by upgrades and new technologies or customized with new liveries, license plates or rims.
  • All-Drive: The innovative all-drive feature allows you to compete in singleplayer mode not against an AI, but against other human drivers.
  • Different equipment: Of course, racers and cops have different goals. Since racers are often on the run, they have special escape technologies such as jammers. In order that cops can better follow and stop the racers, they can, for example, set up roadblocks or request helicopter support.

Conclusion: Need for Speed Rivals convinces with an innovative gameplay. Players can take on two roles and switch between them at any time. The new all-drive feature also combines the single-player mode skillfully with the multiplayer mode, creating an innovative and entertaining game mode.

Scored 85 of 100 points based on 71 user-votes.
Age Rating
Pegi 7
Developed by
  • Criterion Games
  • Ghost Games
Published by
  • Electronic Arts
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