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About Northgard
Northgard is a strategy game in which players must build a Viking colony and lead it to power.

In Northgard you will experience first-hand what it means to be a Viking. Your job is to build a true Viking colony. For the construction of your settlement, you have many different resources available, from which a variety of buildings can be built. Of course, in order to expand your settlement, you must ensure that there are always enough resources available. Another challenge of the game is the influence of nature. Wild creatures, heavy snowfalls or rat pests make it increasingly difficult for you to satisfy your inhabitants. Only if you take action to avert the danger will your colony's survival be assured. Northgard can be played not only in the thrilling solo campaign, but also in multiplayer mode, where you can compete against the AI or other players from all over the world.

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Genres: Indie, Simulator, Strategy
System: PC (Microsoft Windows)
Developed by: Shiro Games
81 / 60

Northgard - Features:

  • Solo campaign: Northgard convinces above all by an exciting solo campaign, which is divided into eleven chapters. In this campaign, you play the role of the fearless Viking Rig, the last survivor of his clan who seeks revenge. He wants to find those who raided his village and almost wiped out his clan completely. That's why you embark on an exciting and dangerous journey to Northgard.
  • Build settlements: Northgard is a classic construction game, which means that the construction of an own settlement is in the foreground of the game. Your settlement consists at the beginning only of a community center and a few settlers. As you build new buildings, you give useful tasks and jobs to your settlers. For example, they can become loggers or hunters. Once they get a job, your settlers operate day and night to fulfill their duties. And that's a good thing: you need sufficient resources to build new buildings and feed your inhabitants.
  • Withstand the challenges of nature: Your settlement is constantly facing new challenges. Not only enemy clans, but also wild creatures from the forests attack. In addition, it comes at regular intervals to small to large natural disasters such as particularly cold winter, blizzards or rat pests. Since you will be informed in time about impending disasters, you can take action against it.
  • Multiplayer: Northgard offers both an offline and an online multiplayer, where you can play either against the AI or against other players.

Conclusion: Northgard is an entertaining construction game that takes players into the world of the Vikings. The game is best suited for beginners due to its simple gameplay.

Scored 81 of 100 points based on 60 user-votes.
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