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About Okami HD
In the award-winning game Okami HD players experience an impressive gaming world that is completely in the style of Japanese ink painting. Players play the Japanese sun deity Amaterasu, who must save the world from the demon Orochi.

In Okami HD you will experience a unique game world that is both graphically and artistically impressive. The entire game was held in the style of Japanese ink painting. You play the Japanese sun deity Amaterasu, who, in the form of a white wolf, has to save the world from the evil eight-headed demon Orochi. The demon has made the world a desolate place: demons roam the land and nature gradually loses its former beauty. In order to compete against the eight-headed Damon, you have magical abilities, various items and weapons as well as your heavenly brush at hand. With this brush you can actively intervene in the game and affect the game through objects which were painted by you. Okami HD is a graphically impressive masterpiece that impresses with its unique atmosphere and innovative gameplay.

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Okami HD - Features:

  • Save the world: In Okami HD you play the Japanese sun deity Amaterasu. Seeing that the eight-headed demon Orochi has returned to the world and turning it into a desolate wasteland, she decides to return to earth and fight the demon. To fulfill your mission and stop Orochi, you take the form of a white wolf named Shiranui. In this form, you roam through the landscapes, always in search of Orochi. Explore the world around you, defeat numerous demons and monsters, and finally banish Orochi from Earth.
  • Fight monsters: As you travel, you will always encounter monsters and demons to fight against. You have not only magical abilities, but also many weapons and items that can be used in battles.
  • Grab the brush: The entire game is dedicated to arts. In particular, Japanese ink painting plays a major role in the game. For example, the entire gaming world is kept in this style. A special feature is that you can also grab the brush and expand the world through your artworks. The so-called heavenly brush is one of the most important items in your inventory. During the game, you have the opportunity to stop time and change the world around you. For example, you can pass abysses by painting a bridge or you can paint tendrils that help you to ascend. Everything that you paint with the heavenly brush is automatically transferred into the game and influences the further gameplay. Your painting skills can also be used in the fight against monsters and demons.

Conclusion: Okami HD is a truly fascinating and beautiful game, which convinces above all by its artful game world.

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