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About Overwatch
Overwatch is a multiplayer shooter of the world famous developer Blizzard. Players compete against each other in two teams of 6 players and must either gain control of a location or accompany a specific cargo to a target point, depending on the game mode.

Overwatch enjoys great popularity worldwide and is the most used game by Blizzard with more than 25 million players. Since the game is a pure multiplayer game, there is neither a campaign nor a single player mode. You always play with 5 other players in a team. In each game round, two teams meet. During this round, a certain mission must be fulfilled. Depending on the game mode, for example, a location must be conquered or a cargo must be accompanied to a destination point. There are many different heroes available, each of them belonging to one of the categories Offensive, Defensive, Tank or Supporter.

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Genres: Strategy, Shooter, Role-playing (RPG), Role-playing (RPG), Shooter, Strategy
Système: PC (Microsoft Windows), PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Développé par: Blizzard Entertainment
88 / 247

Overwatch - Features:

  • Multiplayer shooter: You always play Overwatch with a team that usually consists of 6 players. You fight against another team and try to fulfill a specific mission in a given time. This mission varies according to the selected card. When the game is over, each player receives experience points which are adjusted to the player's achievements.
  • Choose your hero: In Overwatch you have many different heroes available. These heroes always belong to one of the four categories offensive, defensive, tank or support. For example, while defensive heroes have a high damage output, defensive heroes convince by defending certain points very effectively. So-called tanks have many health points and can fight optimally in the first line. The support heroes are equipped with healing skills or with skills that protect the team.
  • Different game modes: In Overwatch you can choose between four different game modes. In Attack mode, the team must occupy a certain area. As the name implies, the game mode Escort is about accompanying an item to a target point. In the game mode Control, teams must capture and control a point. The team that first achieves 100% progress wins the round. The special attack / escort game mode is a mix of the game modes Attack and Control.

Conclusion: Overwatch enjoys great popularity with players around the world. The game owes its popularity to its large selection of spectacular heroes and its fast and action-packed battles. Join players from around the world and become part of the big Overwatch community.

Évaluation: 88 sur 100 points possibles,
basé sur 247 User-Votes.

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