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About Past Cure
Past Cure is an action game in which players have to play the role of ex-soldier Ian and reveal e a huge conspiracy. Since Ian's mind has suffered rigorous manipulation, the player is repeatedly confronted with the bound between reality and dream.

Past Cure combines the gameplay of an action game with elements of an exciting psycho-thriller. You play ex-soldier Ian, who has been a victim of mental torture for years. Through experiments on Ian's mind, he now has extraordinary abilities such as control of time or telekinesis. Since Ian complains about memory lapses, he sets out to find the masterminds of the conspiracy and bring him to justice. In the fight against numerous criminals and enemies, Ian can use his extraordinary abilities. In the course of the game, you will be confronted with the boundary between reality and dream, as Ian's mind gradually splits off. Uncover the conspiracy and find out what happened to you and your mind.

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Genres: Indie, Shooter
System: PC (Microsoft Windows), PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Developed by: Phantom 8 Studio
79 / 70

Past Cure - Features:

  • Experience an exciting psycho-thriller: Past Cure takes you into a world where you get to know the limits of reality. You play the ex-soldier Ian, who was the victim of mental torture for years. The army has used his brain for numerous experiments and equipped him with extraordinary skills such as time control or telekinesis. Even several years after the end of this torture, Ian realizes that he still does not fully know what happened then. Ian sets out to find the mastermind behind the experiments and close his memory lapses. The search for the guilty leads Ian into the depths of the underworld, dealing with the world's most dangerous criminals.
  • Use Ian's abilities: Ian's extraordinary skills gained through military experiments can be used to fight your enemies. For example, you can slow down time and attack your opponents more effectively. You can use not only the time manipulation, but also the powerful astral projections for your purposes. Benefit from your abilities and kill your opponents.
  • Fight or sneak: Every situation requires a different approach. While you have to face some opponents with a direct confrontation, other opponents must be attacked with skillful sneak actions.
  • Experience the line between reality and dream: As the game progresses, Ian's mind becomes more and more encapsulated. Someday the line between reality and dream becomes blurred. Keep track and explore the secrets of the human mind.

Conclusion: Past Cure is an exciting action game, which convinces above all by a well thought out and detailed story.

Scored 79 of 100 points based on 70 user-votes.
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Pegi 16
Developed by
  • Phantom 8 Studio
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  • Phantom 8 Studio
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