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About Planet Coaster
Planet Coaster is a roller coaster park simulation where players can create their own theme park.

In Planet Coaster, all roller coaster fans will get their money's worth. The simulation game allows you to create your own theme park including roller coasters. You have over 1000 components available, with which you can build your park individually. Create unique rides, build paths and shape the landscape as you wish. Everything is possible. But no matter what you do, you should always keep one goal in mind: the guests should be satisfied. If you can not satisfy your guests, your park will soon be on the verge of ruin. You can make your guests happy, for example, with spectacular rides, short waiting times or delicious food.

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Genres: Simulator, Strategy, Simulator, Strategy
Système: PC (Microsoft Windows)
Développé par: Frontier Developments
86 / 36

Planet Coaster - Features:

  • Create your own theme park: In Planet Coaster you can design your own theme park. There are many ways you can build your park. You decide how big your park should be, which rides should be part of your park or how the landscape in your park should look like. In the game you have over 1000 components available that can be combined with each other. Create the park of your dreams in just a few clicks.
  • Unique landscapes: An attractive landscape is very important for the success of your park. With just a few clicks you can shape the landscape as you like. For example, you have the opportunity to raise mountains, build lakes or dig caves. On the one hand, this ensures that your guests will find your park particularly appealing and varied. On the other hand, you can build even more spectacular roller coasters that run, for example, aboveground or underground.
  • Manage your park: Your job is not just designing but also managing your park. Make sure your guests do not have to queue too long, the park is kept clean or all the rides are fully functional. Only if everything runs smoothly, your guests are satisfied. If your guests are dissatisfied, they will show you clearly. And one thing is clear: only satisfied customers come back.
  • Connect with other players: If you connect with other players, you can for example exchange landscapes or entire parks. In addition, favorites parks are presented to you in regular intervals whose content you can download.

Conclusion: Planet Coaster is a very entertaining simulation game, which is a great fun for young and old.

Évaluation: 86 sur 100 points possibles,
basé sur 36 User-Votes.

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