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About Sea of Thieves
Sea of Thieves is an action-adventure game that takes you into an exciting and action-packed pirate world. Together with your crew you set sail and search numerous islands for treasures and secrets.

In Sea of Thieves you play a brave pirate who wants to explore the oceans of this world. Together with your crew you set sail, highly motivated to write pirate story. On your journey through the open game world you will discover abandoned islands, hidden treasures and numerous secrets. But beware: your crew is always faced with new challenges. May it a storm, an attacking enemy crew or a malevolent skeleton army. Use the weapons in your arsenal to push back enemies and continue your journey. Sea of Thieves is a social multiplayer game. This means your crew is made up of players or friends from around the world. To be successful, you have to work together.

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Genres: Adventure, Adventure
Système: PC (Microsoft Windows), Xbox One
Développé par: Rare
91 / 233

Sea of Thieves - Features:

  • Experience a pirate adventure: In Sea of Thieves you play a brave pirate. Together with your crew you embark on an exciting and dangerous journey. Your goal: write pirate history and explore the oceans of the world. Together you decide which islands you are heading for and what goals you are pursuing. For example, you can take quests and collect rewards, collect items and treasures, or fight against other pirate crews.
  • Complete quests: In Sea of Thieves, there is no given main plot. You have many quests available that you can complete in any order. You usually get the orders in pirate hideouts in the form of treasure maps, bounty posters or puzzles. If you manage to complete the mission, you will receive rewards.
  • Fight enemies: Pirate life is not always as idyllic and peaceful as it may seem in the beginning. On your journey you encounter crews who are hostile to you. To push back the enemy crews and defend your ship, you have a cannon on board, for example. On land, you can use various weapons such as knives, sabers or pistols. In addition to hostile pirate crews, vicious skeletal armies are waiting for you that want to kill you at any cost.
  • Experience crew life: In Sea of Thieves the multiplayer game plays a big role. Your crew consists of players or friends from all over the world. Build your own crew, join an existing crew and experience what cohesion means.

Conclusion: Sea of Thieves is an exciting action-adventure game that gives you unlimited possibilites. Above all, the social aspect of the game convinces all along the line. After all, you can only write pirate stories with a crew.

Évaluation: 91 sur 100 points possibles,
basé sur 233 User-Votes.

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  • Rare
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  • Microsoft Studios
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