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About Secret of Mana
Secret of Mana is one of the most popular RPG ever. Players take on the role of the fearless Randi, who, together with his friends Prim and Popoi, wants to revive the magical power of Mana.

Secret of Mana, first released in 1993, is undoubtedly one of the most popular role-playing games of all time. You play Randi, who embarks on a dangerous journey across the country. Together with your companions Prim and Popoi, you are trying to regain the mysterious power of Mana. To do this, you must locate the eight elementals that have the secret power mana. On your journey, you always have to fight in exciting real-time battles against especially strong opponents. To defeat enemies of all kinds, you can use the special mana sword. Secret of Mana can not only be played alone, but also in multiplayer mode.

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Secret of Mana - Features:

  • Revive the power of Mana: In Secret of Mana, you take on the role of the young adventurer Randi, who embarks on a dangerous journey to bring the powerful power of Mana back to life. On his mission, he is accompanied by his loyal friends Prim and Popoi, who assist him not only on the journey, but also in the fight. To awaken Mana, you must find the eight elementals. The power of the elementals consists of the mysterious power of mana. Travel through the land, locate all the elementals and bring the world back into balance.
  • Fight against enemies: On your journey, you will encounter numerous dangerous enemies that you have to defeat. Of course, in the fight, your companions are faithfully at your side. In the exciting real-time battles, you are armed with various weapons and skills. For example, Randi owns the particularly powerful mana sword, which can inflict significant damage on enemies.
  • Multiplayer mode: Secret of Mana can not only be played alone, but also in multiplayer mode. Here you have the opportunity to control all three heroes with two of your friends. For example, you play Randi while your friends take on the role of Prim and Popoi. The co-op mode can not be played online, but only locally. The game also offers an online multiplayer mode.
  • Intermezzo episodes: The new intermezzo episodes show you entertaining stories that take place between Randi, Prim and Popoi on their journey. Learn more about the characters and their story.

Conclusion: Secret of Mana is not without reason one of the most popular RPG ever. The great popularity of the game is mainly due to its colorful and varied game world and its entertaining combat system.

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