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About Star Ocean: The Last Hope
Star Ocean: The Last Hope is an action RPG in which players accompany a brave crew in search of a new home planet. They do not only have to explore the gigantic galaxy, but also defeat numerous opponents on their journey.

In Star Ocean: The Last Hope you will experience exciting space action with the crew of the spaceship Calnus. After the earth was almost destroyed by the 3rd World War, people must search for a new home. Together with your crew you will explore the gigantic galaxy, where many new planets will be waiting for you. Find out which alien races are peacefully minded and which planets could be a new home. On your journey, you'll also encounter enemy monsters and aliens who want to fight you. Build a team of four intrepid fighters and defeat your opponents using various weapons and combat techniques. Star Ocean: The Last Hope awaits you with an exciting space adventure, a unique environment in stunning graphics, and a great galactic map that is completely free to explore.

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Genres: Role-playing (RPG), Role-playing (RPG)
Système: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Développé par: tri-Ace
73 / 11

Star Ocean: The Last Hope - Features:

  • Find a new home: In Star Ocean: The Last Hope, you'll experience a thrilling story that will fascinate you from the first second. The earth was almost completely destroyed by the Third World War. People need to find a new home where they can live in peace. You're part of an exploration team that has to search the galaxy for a new home planet. Explore numerous planets, meet new alien races, and find a place where humankind can settle.
  • Get to know the crew: You explore the galaxy with the crew of the spacecraft Calnus. The crew is characterized by many different characters, who are all from different planets and have different skills. The crew of Calnus include the brave fighters Edge Maverick, Reimi Saionji, Faze Sheifa Beleth, Lemle Lemuri Phi and Bacchus D-79. Get to know the individual characters and learn more about their story.
  • Fights against monsters and aliens: On your journey through the galaxy, you will not only encounter friendly aliens. Many alien races and monsters are hostile to you. You always fight with a team that consists of four crew members. You decide, which characters should fight in your team. With the help of the special BEAT system you can also customize the fighting style of each team member.
  • Explore the great Galactic Map: The great Galactic Map is completely free to explore. You decide which planet you will visit next.

Conclusion: Star Ocean: The Last Hope is a thrilling action RPG that convinces not only with a gripping story, but also with action packed real-time combats.

Évaluation: 73 sur 100 points possibles,
basé sur 11 User-Votes.

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  • Square Enix
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