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About Stellaris
Stellaris is a strategy game in which players must explore and colonize the universe.

Stellaris offers players an incredibly large game world. Your own empire is no longer limited to individual countries and continents, your kingdom includes several planets. At the beginning of the game, you have a fleet available that consists of a research ship, a workshop ship and several military ships. With this fleet you explore the universe to enlarge your empire. You decide whether you integrate new planets and species diplomatically or militarily into your empire. In Stellaris, you'll discover many new species and cultures that can enrich your galaxy empire. At regular intervals, however, the idyll of your empire is disturbed by galactic events that threaten the entire universe. Join other nations, find a way to solve the conflict peacefully and protect your empire.

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Genres: Simulator, Strategy
System: Linux, Mac, PC (Microsoft Windows), SteamOS
Developed by: Paradox Development Studio
82 / 46

Stellaris - Features:

  • Meet your fleet: Stellaris takes the genre of strategy and construction games to a whole new level. Your empire can not only comprise several countries or continents, but several planets. To explore the galaxy and colonize new planets, you have a reliable fleet at your side. Your fleet consists of a research ship, a workshop ship and several military ships. Grab your fleet, travel through space and get to know new planets and cultures.
  • Choose your species: At the beginning of the game you have to choose a species. The game includes a large selection of galactic species, each with different behaviors and technologies. Only after you have adapted your people, the journey can start.
  • Increase your empire: While you are more involved in building and improving your empire at the beginning of the game, you will also have to deal with diplomatic and military issues throughout the game. If you want to increase your empire and colonize planets, you will often encounter resistance. Decide if you try it diplomatically, or if you want to attack the planet and the people directly.
  • Galaxy-wide events: In the course of the game, it will come again and again to so-called galactic events. This can be, for example, a robotic rebellion that threatens the entire universe. To protect your empire, you need to think about new strategies. If you can not handle the problem, your empire will go down faster than you think.

Conclusion: Stellaris offers players a whole new dimension of strategy game. The development of an own empire is not limited as usual to a continent, but can include several planets.

Scored 82 of 100 points based on 46 user-votes.
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Pegi 7
Developed by
  • Paradox Development Studio
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  • Paradox Interactive
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