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About Subnautica
Subnautica is a survival game in which players have to secure the protagonist's survival on a water planet.

In Subnautica you will experience a completely new and fascinating underwater world. You are playing a crew member of the spaceship "Aurora", which crashed on the 4546B water planet for some inexplicable reason. Since the entire planet is almost completely made of water, you must dive to survive. Only in the underwater world you find resources, food and water, which are of the utmost importance for your survival. The impressive underwater world also holds many dangers such as dangerous creatures or a lack of oxygen supply. If you collect enough resources, you can also create new equipment. For example, high-capacity oxygen cylinders help you to dive even longer.

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Genres: Adventure, Indie, Adventure, Indie
Système: Mac, PC (Microsoft Windows), PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Développé par: Unknown Worlds Entertainment
86 / 25

Subnautica - Features:

  • Survive: Subnautica plays in the 22nd century. People have started sending spaceships to explore space. The goal of this mission is to colonize planets and establish them as possible new home planet for mankind. You play a crew member of the spaceship "Aurora". The spaceship was sent on the mission to find the missing spaceship "Degasi". When the spaceship has almost reached its destination, it crashes inexplicably on the water planet 4546B. However, some crew members were still able to go into rescue pods before the impact. The protagonist was one of the "lucky ones" who survived the crash.
  • Explore the Ocean: Since 4546B is almost entirely made up of water, your exploration tours are largely underwater. Experience a fascinating and diverse underwater landscape, swim through reefs and caves and discover numerous colorful creatures that cross your path. But watch out: you only have a limited supply of oxygen. If this is used up, you have to turn up again quickly.
  • Collect resources: Collecting resources is paramount to secure your survival on the water planet. Under the water surface, food, drinking water and various resources are waiting for you. With the resources collected, you can also create new equipment to explore new areas. For example, you can make oxygen cylinder with higher capacity or robust diving suits.

Conclusion: Subnautica convinces by an impressive underwater world. Another special feature is that the game does not contain any weapons or violence actions. This is quite unusual for this genre, but convinces critics completely.

Évaluation: 86 sur 100 points possibles,
basé sur 25 User-Votes.

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