Super Mario Odyssey

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About Super Mario Odyssey
Super Mario Odyssey is the latest part of the iconic adventure game about the plumber Mario. Players discover a huge 3D world with Mario and his new buddy Cappy. They always have the goal in mind, to save Peach from the evil Bowser.

In Super Mario Odyssey, you explore new worlds bigger than ever before. As in previous Super Mario games, you accompany the iconic plumber on his mission to save Princess Peach from the nasty Bowser. On your journey, there is a new companion by your side: your cap friend Cappy. For example, you can use Cappy to fight enemies or destroy objects. In addition, Cappy allows you to slip into enemies or objets and control them. You travel the worlds with a special airship called Odyssey which is powered by moons. Super Mario Odyssey can be played in both single-player and local co-op multiplayer modes.

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Genres: Adventure, Platform, Adventure, Platform
Système: Nintendo Switch
Développé par: Nintendo EPD
93 / 98

Super Mario Odyssey - Features:

  • Save Princess Peach: As in previous Super Mario games, you have to save Princess Peach from the nasty Bowser in Super Mario Odyssey. Bowser kidnapped the princess to marry her. For the wedding preparation, he heads for numerous goals - after all, the long-awaited wedding should be perfect. But not with the iconic plumber Mario. He grabs his aging Odyssey and follows the two.
  • Discover huge 3D worlds: Mario discovers huge 3D worlds on his chase. Experience exciting adventures in front of various scenes: Mario runs through deserts, jungle landscapes or through the lively city of New Donk City.
  • Use your new partner: Mario is accompanied in his latest adventure by a very special partner: Cappy. Cappy comes from the cap kingdom and is modeled on the cap of the plumber. Cappy can be used for many different moves. For example, Mario can use the cap throw to kill enemies or destroy objects. In addition, a special ability allows you to slip into different enemies and objects and control them.
  • Collect moons: The airship of Mario needs of course fuel. The fuel used in this case are moons, which you can collect during the course of the game. If you have not collected enough moons, unfortunately you can not travel on.
  • Local co-op multiplayer: Super Mario Odyseey can be played not only alone, but also as a couple. In local co-op multiplayer mode, one player controls Mario while the other player controls Cappy.

Conclusion: Super Mario Odyssey offers well-known Mario action at the highest level. The game is especially convincing due to its huge 3D game world and Mario's new partner Cappy, who offers the player numerous new opportunities and interactions.

Évaluation: 93 sur 100 points possibles,
basé sur 98 User-Votes.

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Pegi 7
Développé par
  • Nintendo EPD
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  • Nintendo
  • Nintendo of America
  • Nintendo of Europe
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