Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

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About Uncharted: The Lost Legacy
Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is an action-adventure game and a stand-alone expansion to the other games in the Uncharted series. This time, players do not take on the role of Nathan Drake, but his girlfriend Chloe Frazer.

In Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, you'll experience Uncharted from a whole new perspective. In this Uncharted game, you're not playing Nathan Drake, but his girlfriend Chloe Frazer, whom you already know from previous parts of the action series. The shrewd treasure hunter has teamed up with the well-known Nadine Ross to find a valuable Indian artifact. The tusk of the deity Ganesha, however, is in the possession of the dangerous warlord Asav, who wants to prevent anybody else from owning the artifact. In the role of Chloe and Nadine you explore the extensive Indian jungle. Jump, climb and swim through the largest area in the history of the Uncharted series and fight against enemies who want to thwart your plans. Only by proving your fighting skills and solving tricky environmental puzzles can you find and get hold of the artifact.

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Genres: Adventure, Shooter, Adventure, Shooter
Système: PlayStation 4, PlayStation Network
Développé par: Naughty Dog
86 / 74

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy - Features:

  • Find the precious artifact: Uncharted: The Lost Legacy tells the story of Nathan Drake's girlfriend Chloe Frazer and mercenary Nadine Ross, who want to find a valuable Indian artifact. The tusk of the Hindu deity Ganesha is one of the most important and mysterious artifacts in India. However, the tusk is in the hands of the dangerous warlord Asav, who of course does not want to give away the artifact at any price. Find the artifact, defeat Asav and prevent him from using the artifact for his evil plans.
  • Explore India: Uncharted: The Lost Legacy has the largest free to explore area in the history of Uncharted games. The game world can be explored in Parkour style. You can not only run, climb or jump, but also swim through raging rivers or swing on ropes to overcome abysses.
  • Fight enemies: In the Indian jungle, many enemies are waiting for you who want to thwart your plan. Asav does everything possible to stop you. To fight your enemies, you are armed with firearms. Which weapons are available depends on the choice of your character. In addition, Chloe Frazer and Nadine Ross can use different melee techniques.
  • Solve puzzles: In Uncharted: The Lost Legacy you have to prove not only fighting skills but also brains. In order to progress in the game, you have to solve many different puzzles. Mostly you have to interact directly with your environment in these puzzles.

Conclusion: Uncharted: The Lost Legacy offers players a whole new story and a whole new gaming experience. The big game world and the exciting characters convince all along the line.

Évaluation: 86 sur 100 points possibles,
basé sur 74 User-Votes.

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Pegi 16
Développé par
  • Naughty Dog
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  • Sony Interactive Entertainment
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