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Undertale is a role-playing game in which players control a human child who accidentally fell into the so-called underground. This is the home of monsters that were once banished from the earth's surface.

In Undertale, you control a human child who has accidentally fallen into a gorge that leads directly into the mysterious underground empire. The underground is populated by non-human beings who were once banished from the earth's surface. Your job is to lead the child safely out of the underground. On your way through the unknown realm, you encounter numerous monsters. You decide if you want to fight or interact with the monsters. In the fight against the monster you have many different possibilities of action. Meet the people of the underground, choose your game mode and find a way out of the underground.

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Undertale - Features:

  • Find a way out: In Undertale you discover a previously unknown kingdom that lies beneath the earth's surface. You play a child who accidentally fell into a deep gorge. Unfortunately, this gorge leads directly into the underground, which is inhabited by non-human beings, the so-called monsters. The monsters were once banished from Earth to the Underground, after they lost a war against humans in the past. Your task is simple: you have to find an exit and lead the child safely out of the underground. After all, you do not know how the monsters will react to your presence. It has been a long time since they saw a human being.
  • Choose a game mode: Undertale can be played in two game modes. You can choose between the modes Pacifist Run and Genocide Run. The choice of game mode dictates whether you kill or become friends with the monsters you meet. This decision has a big impact on the further course and the end of the game.
  • Discover the underground world: So far, the underground has only been inhabited by monsters. Hardly anybody has ever seen the kingdom below the earth's surface. In search of an exit, you will discover numerous villages and places that hold many secrets. In order to progress in the underground world, you must also solve many tricky puzzles.
  • Fight monsters: When you encounter a monster, a fight starts automatically. During the fight, you control the heart of the child, which should represent his soul. There are a total of three ways you can act in combat. If you choose Fight, you'll hurt the monster. If you choose Act, you can interact with monsters and tell them jokes, for example. The third option is Spare. Under certain conditions, the enemy can be spared here.

Conclusion: Undertale offers players lovingly designed characters, an intoxicating story and a unique combat system with numerous interaction possibilities.

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