Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III

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About Dawn of War III
Dawn of War III is a real-time strategy game set in a galactic science-fiction world. The player's mission is to command powerful armies, go to war with elite units, and defeat numerous enemy forces in epic battles.

Dawn of War III is all about epic, galactic wars. The planet Acheron is at war. Three enemy camps fight in brutal and devastating battles. To secure your side's supremacy over the planet, you must first build a powerful army. For battles not only your armies, but also the so-called elite units are crucial. These have special and strong abilities with which they can defeat enemies even faster and more effectively. Attack the enemy forces, use the super abilities of your elite units, and emerge victorious from the battle. You can play Dawn of War lll either in campaign or in online co-op mode.

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Dawn of War lll - Features:

  • Go to war: Dawn of War III plays on the planet Acheron, which is in a state of emergency. There is a war between three enemy camps: the Eldar, the Space Marines and the Orcs. Each side tries to gain control of the planet. And you can directly influence which side will be victorious. You go to war with your troops and fight for your beliefs. Build your own army, use powerful war machines and defeat the enemy.
  • Use elite units: In addition to your normal troop, mostly foot soldiers, your elite units play a major role in combat. These special heroes have extra strong abilities with which they can destroy your enemies even faster. There are nine elite units per nation. Before each game you can choose three of them and use them during the fight. Note, however, that you need elite points to call your elite units. These points can be earned during the fight.
  • Use super skills: Each race has its own super abilities, which cause more destruction in combat. For example Space Marines can use the special orbital bombardment, the Eldar the extraordinary psi storm and the Orcs the mighty attack Brokk'n.
  • Campaign or multiplayer: While you have to complete various missions with one of the three factions in the campaign, in online co-op mode you can fight with teammates in exciting battles. Forge alliances with other players, unite your strengths and be alert: your teammates can quickly become enemies.

Conclusion: Dawn of War lll convinces by epic, galactic wars on a whole new level. You can experience even more thrilling battles with the use of particularly strong elite units - just remember that you have to collect enough elite units and elite points first.

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