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World of Final Fantasy is an RPG that plays in the fairytale world Grymoire. Players accompany the siblings Reynn and Lann on a journey across the land, which is threatened by the mighty Bahamut army.

World of Final Fantasy is an offshoot of the famous JRPG series "Final Fantasy". In the colorful game world of the RPG, many famous heroes and creatures await you. You experience an adventure in the mysterious fairy tale world Grymoire. The siblings Reynn and Lann have embarked on a dangerous journey to regain their memories. They travel through a land that is threatened by the mighty Bahamut army. This army is already being fought by brave fighters like Cloud Strife, Squall Leonhart or Lightning. For the first time in the history of FF games, you can use not only the abilities of your heroes, but also the abilities of monsters to fight enemies. Travel across the land, catch monsters and train them and find out what role you play in this powerful conflict.

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World of Final Fantasy - Features:

  • Explore Grymoire: World of Final Fantasy is set in the mysterious fairytale world of Grymoire. This world is populated by numerous creatures and heroes that you already know from previous Final Fantasy games. You accompany the fearless siblings Reynn and Lann on their journey across the country. The two have a clear goal: they have come to Grymoire to recover their lost memories. But as you travel through the country, you quickly realize that the country is being threatened by a massive army. The Bahamut army is on the rise and terrifies the country. Join forces with other heroes and fight against the army of evil to avert the catastrophe.
  • Catch creatures: For the first time in the history of Final Fantasy, you can use not only heroes, but also monsters in combat. As you travel through Grymoire, you can catch monsters. You encounter creatures like Kaktor, Chocobo or Behemoth, which are an integral part of the Final Fantasy universe. It is very important that you train your monsters. Only by training your monsters, you can use more powerful skills with which you can fight the opponents which become stronger and stronger in the course of the game. The monsters can be used not only in combat, but also as a means of transport. Ride on your creatures and move even faster.
  • Make stacks: World of Final Fantasy introduces a unique stacking system. By stacking your heroes and monsters, you can use even more powerful attacks. However, think carefully about the order in which you stack your monsters. The arrangement, size and element of the monsters determine the strength and effectiveness of the attack.

Conclusion: World of Final Fantasy offers players a nice change from the classic Final Fantasy games. The colorful game world and the innovative combat system of Final Fantasy convince all along the line.

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